Tuesday, 19 December 2017

SLJ Day 1, Week 1

Maui and the giant fish

Three facts about maui from the legend maui and the giant fish.

1. Maui's brothers thought that he was useless and weak
2. Maui proved his brothers wrong when he caught the most giant fish.
3. Maui's fish turned into the north island

I didn't know that Maui wasn't always a God and that he was seen as weak. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Holiday's

Going to the farm, Beach and going on the boat!

Last wednesday (during the holidays) I was in Kaitaia with my FAMILY.
I went  Up North with my two brothers. We went to one of my family member’s farm. While we were there, we played around the treehouse, on their land, had a tour around the farm, talked to the animals and captured a tiny lizard that wasn’t even half the size of my hand! We were there because it was my cousin’s 16th  birthday! Then we got ready to leave.

When we got to the beach my family members brought the boat into the water and got the biscuit ready (something that gets dragged by a boat) for the three people to jumped on. While 4 people and I got on to the boat. We were watching them have fun, going up and down and watching them fall off. My cousin’s and I wanted to get on the biscuit but it had deflated while the other three were on it. When we got off the boat and started swimming, my 6 year old cousin went on with his mum along with all the adults. After everyone was finished having fun, we all had something to eat then went home.

My highlight of that day was going on the boat and having a lot of fun with my family and my low light was that my dad couldn’t come because he had to work and that we weren’t able to go on the biscuit which was a big disappointment. But at least i had FUN!

I recommend this story for people 8 and over because they might even want to go on a biscuit one day!

1 photo

As you can this lady is very depressed,
sad and might even be lonely. It
looks like she might be wondering what
Would happen in her future life.
She rests her head in the palm of
her hand.

Friday, 29 September 2017

My Future House

This is my dream house that could be built (for ME). The year sixes had to build a futuristic house for Glenn Innes.

My house is different for the houses that you see today, because my house is made metal, bricks and other, so it can protect you from tsunami's earthquakes and other's. If you compare this house to the houses today, this house would be very different from the way that it is designed. The architectures would have more ideas, and different ideas, about what a house should look like.

Every design in the house would be different from the ones we have in our's today. They wouldn't have analogue clocks anymore, just digital. Everything could have buttons, like when you go to the kitchen you could press a button and then it could change to the living room. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Police dogs

Today 26.9.17 we went to go and see the police men and their dog Kase.

Kase is a lovely dog and very smart. His owner (Collin & grant) the police men, told us a lot about Kase like: he weighs 39kg, run's 65km an hour, he was brought up in a school for police dogs for ten week's in Mount Wellington and he is a German Shepard, he is six and half years old.

Then they showed us some of Kase's tricks to us. They put sleeves on so when he is released  Grant starts running and Kase runs after him and bites the sleeves.

When Kase was a puppy they taught him how to track.
How they taught him is:
They squashed the grass and put food ion the squashed grass so if he goes of the grass he knows he will not get food, and that is how they teach dogs to track.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Blessing houses

Today the year sixes in my class went to Fenchurch and Taniwha street with Mrs Raj. We went there because we to do blessing of the houses. 

The Kaumatua did the karakia and blessed the house. When we went to the houses the family, that is going to live there and move in tomorrow, were crying of happiness. there was a camera that was streaming on Maori television.

We were very fortunate to into these homes and one the very first people. this was a very good experience for us to see.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Explanation Writing

W.A.L.T follow the structure of an explanation

Introduction: Food is something we eat every single day to give us energy, protein and strength.
Paragraph 1
If you do not watch what we are eating it can lead to obesity. Obesity is a person that is fat, or you could say overweight. Obesity can give you diseases like strokes, heart problems, diabetes, makes unable to do physical activities, nerve damage.
Paragraph 2
It can also change your mood. For example, my teacher was eating healthy all her life because her parents wanted that best for her and her siblings. So when she got her own house she thought of eating sugary and junk food for dinner and lunch for a month. She told us that she started notice a change in her she was gaining weight couldn’t do anything physical and her mood was changing. She was starting to get more depressed and skin even started to look different.
Paragraph 3

If you are eating junk food or something that is bad for you it can also affects your teeth. Germs are first on your teeth then you are eating junk food that equals to acid and when that acid hits your teeth it becomes decay which lead’s to holes in your teeth and it can turn to the colour black and green and that is why you also need to brush your teeth and watch what you are eating.